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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Attachment Day 4 & 5

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - "When someone won't let you in, you eventually stop knocking".   Keep knocking!

Attachment Day #4 - Today was the 4th of July so we slept in a little and then I took Kitty to the store with me to buy ingredients for the cheesecake cupcakes I wanted to make for the Sunday School 4th of July party we were heading to that afternoon.
11:30am - gave me a spontaneous kiss on the cheek at the grocery store, but then ducked out of my answering hug because, "Eww, no, we're in PUBLIC!"
Bedtime - she realized she hadn't done any attachment activities.  She decided that the shopping trip would count as her 20 minutes of "together activity."  She was done  Not even a bedtime hug.

Attachment Day #5 -
10:30am - brief hug in passing.
4:20pm - sat down and asked me to put on her makeup as part of the 10 minutes of eye contact.
4:25pm - I sat with my hands on her shoulders for about 3 minutes before I realized we needed to search for a piece of paper before we had to leave to get Kitty to work.  She worked until bedtime and chose not to hug me goodnight.

Attachment Day #6 -
2pm - Still nothing.  *sigh*
4pm - She came over and sat down next to me.  After awhile I asked her why, and she replied she wanted to do the attachment stuff, but I was obviously not going to.  I reminded her that she needed to ASK, and put my arm around her shoulders for about 5 minutes, before she ran off to get ready for work.

Hmmm.... do I keep going after 1 week?


Almond Tea said...

I vote yes! But how do you feel?

marythemom said...

Talked with Hubby about it, and we think one more week would be good. I'm feeling a lot better. Big possibility that a lot of my anger earlier was PMS (no longer an issue) and issues having to do more with Bear than Kitty.