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Monday, August 27, 2012

Books and Methods Review - Therapeutic Parenting - Denise Best

Therapeutic Parenting

Denise Best

Christine Moers (therapeutic parenting guru):  “It will cost you $32. Do it. Order it. You will get it in the mail and stare at it wondering if you've been duped. It is not slick and shiny ... at all. However, it is one of the most complete and practical guides for how to do this whole thing called "therapeutic parenting." It covers all the information you would receive by attending one of Denise's full-day trainings.

After two years of pouring through everything out there, it was that unassuming booklet that helped me really "get" how I needed to do this.”

Marythemom:  I've heard amazing things about this book.  Apparently the new version will come out this Fall 2012, or you can purchase the current version and she'll send you the new one for free when it's available!


Last Mom said...

The links I've posted no longer work either! Bummer. I lent mine to someone in Orlando and hope it is still floating around to trauma parents. It's the best thing I've read.

Anonymous said...

She is releasing a new version of the book. The current version is still available. If you buy it, she'll send you the new version for free once it is printed.

marythemom said...

Thanks Anonymous! I checked out the link you gave me and updated this page!