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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Self Care

I decided I need my home to be clean(er) for the holidays, but the thought is totally overwhelming, so I have this new 31 day house cleaning routine that I'm going to try.

31 Day House Cleaning Routine 

I'm going to have to modify it for my home (which is bigger than the one described), but it breaks the job in to chunks I can handle. I've also decided to treat the children as "bonus" helpers so I don't get so frustrated with them when they don't help.

It may not sound like self care, but I think it will make me feel better and more accomplished.  Plus, Bob has been saying she wants to bring friends home from college, but is too embarrassed.

Wish me luck!

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marythemom said...

Day 1 - Kitchen looks great! I even mopped the floor and made a simple home cooked meal from scratch (meatloaf, glazed carrots, brown rice - the leftovers of which I will turn into rice pudding - one of my favs). Unfortunately I was supposed to get both the family room and the kitchen done. Now I have to decide if I should finish the family room on Day 2, work on the 1/2 baths which was the actual assignment, or some combination of the 2. Hmmm...