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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Letter Parties

 "Letter Parties"

We used to have these parties when the kids were younger. It started as a way to help the kids learn their letters, but became a fun way to spend some time together - planning, shopping, preparing, and partying! It also helped when we got stuck in a rut with the kids complaining about everything I cooked.

These letter parties make planning meals a lot easier. The kids get involved and there is more thought to it than - "start a big pot of water boiling and I'll decide what to throw in it when I get home." We've had very little leftovers too.

So here's how it works:

We would choose a letter, and that would be the theme of our party. Getting to choose the letter was a reward, not necessarily one you won - sometimes it was something you got just because mom loved you.

The kids especially loved the letter P. We'd have a Pajama Party, an indoor Picnic of Pizza, and watch a movie starting with P - usually the Pirate Movie. And of course Pie for dessert!

M was also popular. Movie, Meatballs, chocolate Mousse cake... or Mexican, Milk chocolate chip cookies (ok, some of these are a stretch, but that's not the point!)... This dinner is brought to you by the Letter M.

E was fun but hard. We had an Elegant Event (everyone dressed up in nice clothes). We had eggs (deviled were eggcellent), and... never could figure out anything else to eat (eggplant was not popular!). The kids loved Eclairs though!

B - How about a  Barbecue Birthday Bash? It doesn't have to be someone's birthday - it's just a good excuse to eat a birthday cake!

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