This blog is my place to vent and share resources with other parents of children of trauma. I try to be open and honest about my feelings in order to help others know they are not alone. Therapeutic parenting of adopted teenagers with RAD and other severe mental illnesses and issues (plus "neurotypical" teens) , is not easy, and there are time when I say what I feel... at the moment. We're all human!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

47 ODD things about me

You will NOT die if you don't forward or blog this. Well not immediately. Umm. Maybe immediately, but not because of this. Ok maybe because of this if you are reading it while driving. Anyway, just take it for what it is worth.


47 ODD things about me.

1. Do you like blue cheese? Nope, nor green cheese!

2. Have you ever smoked heroin? No, nor have I smoked anything else (not even turkey – although I’ve eaten it!)

3. Do you own a gun? I sold mine when my first child was born.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? I only drink fresh strawberry fruit slushes – doesn’t need anything added!

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? A little, I don’t want to get “yelled at” for gaining so much weight, not sleeping well, not exercising, not having gotten the testing for the nodes on my thyroid done, and it’s almost always been a lot longer (sometimes years longer) since I was supposed to have gone in last

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I love cheese dogs. They’re mine. I hide them from the kids and give them the regular ones.

7. Favorite Christmas movie? How the Grinch Stole Christmas – the cartoon, not that awful Jim Carey one

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? An ice cold glass of skim milk, but I don't usually drink anything - shame on me!

9. Can you do push ups? Don’t remember

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? I love my wedding ring even though it doesn’t fit right now. Hubby and I designed it and the stone was from my great-grandmother’s engagement ring

11. Favorite hobby? Reading RAD blogs and list serves

12. Do you have A.D.D.? I like chicken wings!

13. What's one trait you hate about yourself? My need for perfection and therefore my dislike of myself for not achieving it

14. Middle name? Yes

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: (1) Hubby’s going to be mad if he realizes all I’ve done all day is answer personal e-mails. (2) My tookus is numb! (3) I’ve got to remember to send that e-mail to the new therapist

16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday. 2 gallons of milk, 2 packages of bologna for Hubby to take to work on his first day at his new job, and rented 2 movies.

17. Name 4 drinks you regularly drink? Water, milk, nothing (I’m usually pretty dehydrated)

18. Current worry? Hubby starts his new job tomorrow and he’s sooooo miserable.

19. Current hate right now? The economy. I hate what it’s doing to us.

20. Favorite place to be? Snuggling with Hubby or cuddling with one of my kids

21. How did you bring in the New Year? Watching TV, writing on my blog, unable to sleep, downstairs on the couch, alone.

22. Where would you like to go? to Heaven, but not right now!

23. Name two people who will complete this? ?

24. Do you own slippers? I have some stuffed animal reindeer ones somewhere.

25. What shirt are you wearing? My faded floral Monet looking t-shirt

26. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? They’re OK, but they make Hubby sweat and that’s stinky!!

27. Can you whistle? Yep, unless I’ve been eating crackers.

28. Favorite color? Green, or if it’s in clothing, black and red

29. Would you be a pirate? Heck no! I’d rather be Tinkerbell.

30. What songs do you sing in the shower? It depends on what I’m feeling. Could be Christian rock, classic rock, show tunes, Disney radio tunes or something from a movie sound track.

31. Favorite girl's name? If I got to name a girl child, it would be Delia Rose (short for Cordelia).

32. Favorite boy's name? I love my youngest son’s first name, and have never picked another since my last biochild was a boy and he used it.

33. What's in your pocket right now? My new cell phone

34. Last thing that made you laugh? Tickling and cuddling with my youngest

35. Best bed sheets as a child? Stripey ones that my mom had fixed so even the top sheet hooked on my mattress and always stayed tucked in.

36. Worst injury you've ever had? Ooh this is a tough one. The time I stepped on a pin cushion full of rusty old pins and needles on Christmas Eve? Or the time I dropped a can of the top shelf of the pantry onto my toe on Thanksgiving Day and when the doctor poked holes in it and it got infected? No, I know, the time I told the doctor I didn’t want an episiotomy and the tears got infected.

37. Do you love where you live? Pretty much. I wish it were finished, less cluttered and cleaner though.

38. How many TV's do you have in your house? 3. The big one in the family room, the one hooked up to the PS2 in the playroom and the one in our bedroom.

39. Who is your loudest friend? Don’t have many friends. Kitty is my loudest child – her laugh could wake the dead.

40. How many dogs do you have? 3 – Scarlet Claus the Husky, Prince Cuddles the Australian Shepherd and Princess Penny the Rottweiler/Terrier mutt

41. Does someone have a crush on you? I doubt it. Unless my Italian pen pal still does after 20 years! *grin* Hey, it’s possible! He hasn’t seen me since I had 4 kids and gained 80+lbs.

42. What is your favorite book(s)? I love lots of books! Anything by Katie McAllister – naughty paranormal romances. Terry Pratchett and Piers Antony’s Xanth series– hilarious sci fi fantasy. I also love reading inspirational romances – Christianity with a happy ending.

43. What is your favorite candy? Chocolate covered strawberries – is that a candy? Reese’s if it’s not.

44. Favorite Sports Team? Hate sports.

45. What song do you want played at your funeral? I love the song Anyway, by Martina McBride.

46. What were you doing 12 AM last night? Watching a movie with Hubby. Love date night!

47. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? "Where’s Hubby?" When he woke me up later I thought, “No! It can’t really be after 11:30am! I’m still tired.”


Mama Drama Times Two said...

OK you can tell I have spent WAYYYYYYYYY to much time with challenging kids and their labels...I'm reading your blog title as ODD (oppositional defiant disorder. After reading all your entries I'm thinking to myself...
"hmmmmnn, she doesn't seem very oppositional..." Then it dawns on me that you meant it as ODD (as in different/unique). Geesh.

marythemom said...

MDx2 - LOL! Me too!!

That, and a lot of the places I post use terms like dd (darling daughter), dh (dear husband) or ds (dear son). Since I have 2 daughters and 2 sons I refer to them as odd (oldest dear daughter) and ydd (youngest dear daughter). Obviously everytime I type odd for my adopted daughter it makes me think of that label (oppositional defiant disorder) - which fits her.

Mary in TX

Ryansmom said...

LOL. Me too. :-)

I replied to your message earlier via email. Please let me know if you didn't get it.

~ Dawn

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.