This blog is my place to vent and share resources with other parents of children of trauma. I try to be open and honest about my feelings in order to help others know they are not alone. Therapeutic parenting of adopted teenagers with RAD and other severe mental illnesses and issues (plus "neurotypical" teens) , is not easy, and there are time when I say what I feel... at the moment. We're all human!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Miz K

Love Hubby to death and think he's gorgeous, but he does get this kind of intense, crazed look in pictures. I tried to find a few to show Miz K, but I delete most of them.

Oh NO! It's contagious!


GB's Mom said...

Neat pictures!

Megan said...

Love your family photos!

Diana said...

Mary - if you filled out the 20 question questionaire and emailed it to Misty, you entered the stocking swap. If not, it's probably someone who just did it because they love you. If you're still not sure, check with Misty at She's the one who organized it.

marythemom said...

Thanks Diana, I know I didn't fill out the questionnaire. I guess it really was a Secret Santa!


Miz Kizzle said...

Wow. Just... wow.