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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shameless neglect

Sorry I've been neglecting this blog!  I've been swamped trying to get stuff done.

In preparation for starting my sewing business, I'm designing and sewing custom dresses for both the girls and myself for this year's Christmas pictures.  Bob's is done, but I ran into HUGE issues with my dress.  I'm trying a new, uber complicated pattern and it has to be significantly altered to accommodate my "generous cleavage" so I made a mock-up dress... and it's very unflattering.  So now I'm making a second mock-up before cutting into the fabric I've chosen for my dress.  I also plan to use the left over yardage from my dress for Kitty's dress so I haven't started her dress until I know what I have left (which is making her crazy).

We don't celebrate Halloween around here because it seems to be a big trigger for Kitty (she usually starts with the high stress and psychiatric hospitalizations around this time, and it goes through her birthday in April - some years later).  This year we're going to watch a movie and eat pizza and candy.  I did invite Ponito's girlfriend and her mom to come over... so I'm on my computer instead of cleaning house.  *sigh*  It's really disgusting too.  Oh well, they won't be here until after 6 so the kids have 2 hours to help me clean house.

I've also been editing the book of one of Hubby's coworkers.  It's supposedly been "professionally edited," but she should ask for her money back!  I meet with her tomorrow with the sample of my work, and I get to tell her that I think the book needs a lot of rewriting... not looking forward to that.

I'm really excited about the weight I've lost.  17lbs so far.  I've dropped 2 dress sizes.  I never get rid of my old clothes as I change sizes, because I do tend to fluctuate a lot, but for some reason I couldn't find any jeans in my "new" size.  Luckily my neighbor has gained some weight recently and had some jeans in the old size (I traded her for the jeans I just... hmmm, not sure what the right word would be here... not "outgrew"... I guess "outshrunk"?  OK, so I made up a new word!

Going to try to commit to blogging every day of November, so wish me luck!  I'd love to see some topic suggestions in the comments!

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Johanna said...

Awesome job with the weight loss! I'm working on that myself. I've dropped about 12 pounds and one pant size. I was so happy to have some "new" clothes to wear from my "too small" box. Good luck with your sewing business.