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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

Today is Ponito's first day back in public school. He's so excited to be back. He found out he knows most of the kids from years past and baseball three years ago. He gave me a hip hug before we entered the school and then just walked straight into the classroom without looking back. I know it's a good thing that he's so independent, but he's my baby!!

Last year when the girls were supposed to go to middle school, we decided to try out private school instead. We found the perfect school! They take special needs kids (Kitty has learning disbilities, ADHD, and needs emotional support) and support kids that are bright too (Bob has always been an avid reader and very smart, but not very motivated. The new school encouraged her and Ponito to advance). Their teacher is our neighbor across the street and one of my best friends.

In fifth grade, Kitty could barely handle her special education classroom, flunked her only mainstream class, and had become super aggressive and overwhelmed in Summer camp. Bear was also attending the middle school and we didn't want Kitty and Bear to both end up in the same room (Bear had been pulled from regular classes because he was too aggressive and overwhelmed by them). The ACHIEVE room was designed to help kids by providing emotional support. The school had informed me that Kitty would be in all mainstream classes with 15 minutes of inclusion assistance a week - YEAH RIGHT!

The private school has only 40 kids and the younger children got almost one on one attention. Kitty worked at her own pace in her workbooks so there was no one telling her what to do all the time (which helps with her ODD), and the diagnostics assessed exactly what she was missing (gaps) from the years of untreated severe ADHD, multiple moves, and trauma. She started the school year 2 and 1/2 years behind and finished only 1 year behind.

Unfortunately we cannot afford to put the girls in private school right now, and I will not put them back in public school. We've decided to have Grandma homeschool until we can get them back in school. This should be interesting since Grandma triggers Kitty's ODD and has to deal with her meltdowns and beligerance almost daily.

Bear starts school today too. More about Bear and how he ended up in his own special school on another day.

I better get off the computer before Hubby pulls my internet! Last night when I told him I started a blog, he was not very happy. He rued the day he taught me how to use the internet!

Hugs and prayers,

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