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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mystery solved!

Kitty's behavior has been worsening and worsening and we've been blaming it on all the changes in her life, our stress level and parenting skill, her recent weight gain making all of her meds less effective (she's gained over 20lbs this Summer since we reduced her dose of Concerta).

Hubby noticed tonight that we haven't been giving her her Zoloft. We fill med boxes weekly using each child's bag of meds (kept in a lock box the rest of the time). We probably took the empty bottle to the pharmacy for a refill as we usually do, only there were no refills left. They usually fax the doctor under these circumstances and fill the bottle when he calls in a new prescription. Apparently someone dropped the ball, and we didn't catch it. I immediately went in tonight to get a refill and that's when I discovered that she has no refills and put 2 and 2 together.

Here's the bad part. I asked when we last had it filled (knowing we get a 30 day supply). They said JUNE 27th! That means she's been without this med for one month!!! No wonder the poor thing has been having problems. This is a major antidepressant that we KNOW she needs. Now it's even more obviously so. So the pharmacy won't give us any loaners (on a prescription that's been out a month!) and of course it's Labor Day weekend. Luckily another member of the family (OK it's me) takes the same medication and can loan her meds to get her through the weekend.

I feel like such a bad parent when this happens, but it's easy to understand how it happens when you look at how many meds they take - and they used to take a lot more.

Kitty takes:



Trileptal (2 pills twice a day)



DDAVP (for bedwetting)

Plus the OTC stuff like a multi vitamin, stuff for constipation, Zyrtec, and Omega 3

Bear takes

Trileptal (2 pills three times a day)

Lamictal (2x daily)

Amantadine (2x daily)

Provigil (2x daily - once at school)


Plus the OTC stuff like a multi vitamin, stuff for constipation, Omega 3, Zyrtec, and Glucosamine

Thank goodness Medicaid pays their co-pays or we'd be paying a small fortune every month. I'm so upset this happened, but at the same time, it's good to know that Kitty isn't just totally losing it!

I noticed there were a lot of comments I need to answer. Obviously I'm addicted to this blogging thing so rest assured I will address them! I do want to say welcome to all my new friends! I hope my posts are semi-entertaining!

Better get some sleep now! Hugs and prayers!


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