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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reasons I'm Not blogging much lately

Isn't she cute?! Bob just turned 15! I can't believe my baby is 15! I'm still working on bribing her to get a more current picture. Trying to get ready for her b-day party too. She had so much fun decorating her own cake last year (Runaway Turtle cake).

Bear is still depressed and cranky, but getting a little better (increased his anti-depressant a few days ago).

I need a current picture of Kitty too. She recently got her hair cut into a cute bob (not Bob!). She's been fairly stable. We finally decided to take her off one of the new meds we were trying to see if it would help with her ADHD because it appeared to be causing her to be too sleepy. Something else she is taking must also be helping with the ADHD though because she's not bouncing off the walls.

She also recently decided she was tired of the tummy aches so she's changing her diet (voluntarily because any time I try to restrict her eating habits it triggers her trauma issues around food). We're finally thoroughly removing citric acid (which we know bothers her) and trying gluten free. She loves it because she's getting extra special treatment and food (which means I love her more).

Medicaid is still making it almost impossible to get the kids' neuropsych testing. They've approved the testing, but the provider backed out. She's not getting paid by Medicaid on any kind of timely basis and since she's an independent provider she can't afford to not get paid for testing. She's supposed to be helping us find a new provider.

Of course the biggest reason I'm not getting a lot done is that I'm addicted to Facebook and I've been on a weird cleaning kick. Yesterday I pulled out and cleaned the vent and filter for the stove (did you know you're supposed to clean this often with a gentle detergent?). The dryer vent can also get coated with stuff that makes it not able to do it's job (repels water and clogs so that air can't pass through) so it got washed in warm soapy water too! The kids hate this new cleaning interest of mine to say the least!

Stupid car keeps breaking down. Mostly the air conditioning. Since it's 103 or more every day, this is bad! Gotta find some contract work or something so we can get it fixed.

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beemommy said...

All great reasons for not blogging. Good luck with the job hunt, surely there are openings somewhere in Austin for someone with your credentials. Have you considered school counseling? Is that an option? Hugs and good for you getting the cleaning done...I'm trying but unless we get another rainy, cooler ain't happenin'.