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Monday, March 4, 2013

Good news for a change!

Talked to the principal of Kitty's school.  They want to change Kitty's Math state testing from modified to just accommodated.  This is good news to begin with, but the best part is that it requires an IEP meeting before the test at the end of April.  We can just "call it in," but I discussed the fact that we're trying  to get legal guardianship when Kitty turns 18 mid-April so we can have it in place before her the IEP meeting in May that will determine what classes she takes her senior year (and also start the discussion about continuing her schooling for another year after graduation to get her some more vocational assistance/training).  The principal suggested moving the IEP meeting to BEFORE Kitty's 18th birthday!  YEA!!!

We've had a horrible legal battle trying to get Kitty into the special school, and the school never acknowledged that she needs it.  Kitty wants to "try" going back to regular school because she misses her friends.  She doesn't understand that the school won't allow her back in the special school when she discovers she can't actually handle it.  At least not without another legal battle - which we can't afford.

Since the big rush for legal guardianship right away was to keep the school from talking Kitty into going back to regular school as soon as we're out of the picture, then moving the IEP meeting date to before her birthday gives us a 6 months reprieve before we have to find the money for legal fees.  Haven't told Kitty yet, because I want to make sure it's a done deal before we get her hopes up.

Only bad news was that the principal was questioning why we're going for legal guardianship.  I don't need validation from him, but it would be nice.


Second bit of good news!

Almost 2 years ago we finally gathered all the paperwork we needed to get the kids enrolled in their (non-federally recognized) Native American tribe.  We faxed it in and then mailed in all the original's required (including originals of their new birth certificates).  We were told that the kids' names had to be read in three meetings and then the kids would officially be members.  When I still hadn't heard back from the tribe by November, I contacted them.  They'd lost all the paperwork!

We e-mailed back and forth quite a bit as I looked around in the vain hope that I'd kept a copy of the information or they'd find it.  The kids' relative that worked there had quit recently.

Not too long after this, Bear, who had been the driving force and go-between with biofamily getting information for the paperwork, moved out.  When we visited with biofamily in June, I got the information gathered again and e-mailed it to the tribe.  Apparently because we were using the restaurant's wi-fi, it didn't go through and didn't leave a copy of the e-mail in my e-mail program as I'd expected.

Honestly I'd given up.

Today out of the blue I got a call from the tribe.  One of the people who'd been working with us originally and had quit, had come back.  She found the kids' paperwork  It will be presented to the tribe and the kids should be accepted as members by mid-April!  Yea!

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