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Monday, March 18, 2013

Latest Bear Update - EDITED

Realized I haven't updated you on what's been happening with Bear, or rather not happening.  I started making calls and finally found someone relatively high up in the Department of Corrections - Mental Health who was willing to talk to me.  He said if I could get Bear recommended for assessment then he could push it through and get Bear accurately assessed, BUT... the assessment request HAD to be initiated by the jail.

I left multiple messages for the jail administrator (whom I'd spoken to soon after Bear was incarcerated and given him Bear's diagnoses and medication medical history).  Then Bear let me know that the administrator had told Bear that he was never going to return my call, and if I kept calling him, he MIGHT answer, if he wasn't busy.  He seemed to feel that unless Bear was having cardiac issues or gushing blood then there was no need to move up the assessment.

Bear seems ambivalent about it all.  He believes, perhaps correctly, that if the assessment is moved up, then he can be moved straight to prison/bootcamp that much sooner.  Can't say I blame him for wanting to put that off.


Update:  Got a call from one of the Disability Advocate places I contacted several weeks ago, and their attorney has agreed to send a letter to the jail administrator requesting the assessment!  Yea!  Maybe something will come of that.


His most recent upset is being accused by another inmate of drinking and doing drugs.  He was outraged that he was required to do testing and have his room searched.  More about one than the other, which usually means the one he didn't complain about was the one that was justified.  Which means he probably has been abusing drugs and/or alcohol.  *sigh*

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