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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer plans?

I'm not considering RTC because we're not sure what to do with Kitty for the Summer, but I have to admit, our Summer options don't look good. What do you do with a 6 year old child in a teenager body who is emotionally fragile and has been in and out of psychiatric treatment all year?

So what are our Summer options?
  1. Summer school sounds like it may not be an option for Kitty since they apparently don't offer special ed services in the Summer, but I'm still researching this (which she knows and is furious with me about).
  2. All day every day with Grandma and Ponito. Seriously bad option as evidenced by today's meltdown.
  3. Go to work with Hubby, Bob and I. Nothing to do but sit around all day watching TV because she refuses to do any school work. BTDT! No thanks.
  4. Stay home all day with me while Grandma takes Ponito, Dad takes Bob to work, and Bear goes to Summer school. In the afternoons we can join Grandma and go to the pool or other activities.
  5. Residential treatment
  6. __________________________ (please fill in the blank with your suggestions! Remember we are flat broke, but have good insurance and our deductible is paid for the year.)


KarolEhmen said...

6. Chaddock (

I've greatly enjoyed following your blog. As a mother of four girls, I find your writing inspiring. Thanks!

marythemom said...

I'm inspiring?! Cool!