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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kid's rooms

I used to be really into interior decorating. I loved it so much that I would decorate my friend's houses for free! I even had my own website. Now of course I really don't have the time or energy.

I recently found a blog, Kelly's Korner, that has been posting something called Show Us Where You Live Fridays. This week's theme is Kid's bedrooms and nurseries. My kid's rooms are currently so messy that I wouldn't dream of taking pictures, but I would love to show off some of their rooms from the past.

This is Ponito's room. My mom and I decorated the wall's with murals. His room had a safari theme. I'd found the cutest crib set, and then added to it. I quilted the crib blanket shown here, and used the fabric from the crib sheet to make a diaper bag.

As my little one got older, his love of vehicles grew, but I wasn't ready to give up the cute theme. So I adapted his big boy bed to look like a safari jeep. He loved it. The animals on the curtains are made with family member's hand and foot prints.

(Sorry it's sideways, but this computer doesn't have a photoshop program). This is the cover I created for a metal loft bed. He liked to play underneath, and when he got older he could put all his stuffed animals on the loft.

Bob as a little girl was into the Princess theme, of course. We attached wooden boards to the outside of her wooden loft bed (so it didn't damage the bed - which I sold last weekend, yea!). The tower held the ladder to the loft bed. The piece of wood covering the loft was attached with a hinge so we could drop it down to make the bed. The tower was also on a hinge so we could open it up when we needed to drop the front (and get in easier if we needed to reach Bob in the bed). We glued bugs, butterflies and lizards to everything. Under the bed were murals of windows that looked out onto gardens, castles, unicorns and waterfalls. Bob liked Pocahantas too! As she grew she decided she wanted a more grown up theme. We changed to the Four Elements. Her stripey bed quilt took me forever to make. The curtains were easier. Could have sworn I had a picture of her dolphin mural. Will have to post the more recent pictures later.


Unknown said...

So creative! I bet they love those beds!

RyanDallasmom said...

Awesome rooms Mary!!