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Monday, March 29, 2010

Post-wedding crash!

Everything is finally done and now I'm just playing catch up!

I got everything sewn in time for the wedding.

I finished several machine embroideries of the logo for the seminar (now he wants more!)

I helped get the reception set up and herded all the children in the wedding (the only other adult in the bridal party besides the bride and groom was in a wheel chair) - including the twin newly 6 yr old ring bearer and flower girl (after I talked her into at least going, the flower girl bawled all the way up the aisle without throwing one petal and attached herself to daddy/groom's legs - wouldn't move for pictures or anything). I had to laugh because the ring bearer's boutonniere which was a lovely white rosebud had only one petal by the time we were waiting for the ceremony to start - (he smashed the rest when he wiped out first thing at the reception). He couldn't stop playing with the ribbons holding the rings on and we almost lost the groom's ring once (luckily my sister noticed and we tied it back on). The best man had to miss the rehearsal so he didn't have the rings off the pillow and there was a long delay while they were getting the rings untied! The other three were much better behaved (7, 9 and 10) thank goodness. My sister was calm throughout the whole thing and none of it bothered her a bit. I think she's going to be a good mommy to the 5 of them!

My only complaint was my shoes! They were purchased just for the wedding and were evil! I only wore them for the ceremony and my feet still hurt. If you ever read Steve Martin's Cruel Shoes you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Bob was wonderful and really helped with everything. My baby is getting so grown up! *sob* Everyone was commenting on how helpful and gorgeous she is.

At the reception it was much easier. Bob played with my niece. The boys and groom's oldest girl (the tomboy who wore a tux to the wedding), played together well as usual, and most of the time they had the boy twin with them and entertained). My new niece the 6 year old bonded with Kitty! I couldn't believe it!! It's always bothered Kitty that my sister's daughter plays favorites and will not play with anyone but Bob (partly because Kitty reeked when they first met and partly because that's just the way my niece is). Now she has a toy child of her own to play with!

I helped break down the reception hall and clean up. The reception was beautiful, but my sister over estimated the energy of the guests and left things like bouquet and garter tossing until the end... and everyone had gone home! Only the best man and his girlfriend were there so it was technically a hand off. *grin* She'd scheduled the reception from 4-9pm and all but immediate family were there after only about 7:30pm. Second wedding for both so most of the guests were well over 35. Hubby and I and my favorite cousin and his wife were one of the few couples on the dance floor at all.

Had to loan out Bob to my dad and stepmom who were watching my sister's kids while she and her Hubby went on their honeymoon. My niece needed someone to be with her. This is a tough transition for all the kids!

Some of my favorite family members got to come to the wedding (my Aunt Mary who I was named after, and my favorite cousin and his wife), and I was reminded that they read my blog (gotta watch my Ps and Qs with the story telling! It was kind of cool not to have to play catch up for hours about what's going on - we could focus on them and other stuff.

(Hi Aunt Mary, Hi John and Sandra!)
The wedding was gorgeous and I'll post pictures as soon as someone sends me some. We didn't break out the camera once!


Mom 4 Kids said...

That sounds fun and exhausting! Your sister sounds like a good person too.

I just had the same thing happen with my blog and The Hubs. A friend of his was like, "Yeah uh I bet that really helps her get all that stuff out." I didn't even know this guy knew about the blog. Like you said, watching the P's and Q's. hee hee

C said...

Stopping over to say that I'm going to try really hard to meet up with you and Leslie for lunch when she is in Austin. At this point it's still a total crap shoot, but I'M NOT DONE TRYING!!

Big Cuz said...

That's right, I'm here lurking about. Beware, BIG CUZ is watching... :-) Love ya!