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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear goes to the doctor

Bear is getting ready for football practice to start so he went for his physical.

I forget how many issues he has until I see him shut down and get surly. He cooperated with the nurse, but he was not happy!

He has a hernia! No football practice for him until we see the specialist, confirm the diagnosis, have the surgery (if needed of course) and recovery time. One unhappy Bear! He keeps insisting he doesn't have a hernia. *poor Bear! Denial will NOT make it go away son!*

He also has problems with heartburn (never told us). 3 blemishes that are swollen and irritated on his forehead (he claims they're old, but the doctor says he still needs to see the dermatologist. $50 specialist copay, ouch!). Thought about it, but didn't have the nurse practitioner yell at him for using snuff. She already gave him a hard time about not using sunscreen. Got one immunization for Meningitis. Flunked his urine test (?!), apparently he's not supposed to have proteins in it, so he had to get his blood drawn. Oh, and his spine has a slight curve to the right, but she just casually pointed it out, so I'm assuming we don't need to do anything.

Still laughing at the expression on his face when he found out he was going to have to wear the cute little robe. The Female nurse practitioner and I stepped out of the room while he changed. My son of course can never have less than 3 layers so he only took off his jean shorts and left on his undies and gym shorts. LOL. He did take off all of his shirts (cause he had to).


Anonymous said...

what is with boys and wearing three layers of shorts/pants? My boys do the same thing. I keep telling them how lucky I was to grow up during the disco era when men's pants were skin tight, just like the women's. TMI for them, LOL!

marythemom said...

Hi Denise,

I'm sure Bear got the habit from living up North, but now he lives in Texas where the average temp has been over 100 EVERY SINGLE DAY! He has reduced layers a little. At least now one of the layers isn't jeans and a long sleeve shirt (unless he's mowing a lawn - in 100+ degree temperatures! *sigh*)