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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why worry?

Kitty went to residential treatment today. We got a call yesterday morning saying they would call us back when the insurance company approved it. He called back at 5:30pm and it was official. We needed her there with all her paperwork and stuff at 2pm the next day.

So the logistical nightmare begins.

Hubby had to go to work.
Prescriptions and updated immunizations had to be picked up.
Laundry had to be done so Kitty would have clothes to take.
Kitty had to get packed. (She admits she doesn't have a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush or socks).
It's a 30 minute drive to the residential treatment center and they think it will be about 2 hours to drop her off and get the paperwork done.
Bear had to be at Football practice at 2:30pm.
Hubby had to teach a class at 4pm. The person was leaving for a trip at 3am so it couldn't be rescheduled.
All the kids (including my niece and nephew) usually go swimming from 4-5pm.
Ponito's teacher was supposed to drop by to meet him sometime between 4 and 6.
Bear has a 5:30pm psychiatrist appointment downtown (with rush hour traffic - easily a 45-60 minute drive there).
Bear had to be picked up from football practice at 7:30pm.

We only have one car, although my mom lets me borrow hers sometimes. I stressed and worried all night and most of this morning.

I should have trusted God.

So Bear's psych appointment they'd told me on Monday couldn't be rescheduled for any other time this week? One call saying we'd be registering our daughter and couldn't make it... they said they have an appointment next week in the morning. Perfect. New appointment doesn't interfere with football practice and school doesn't start until the next day. They didn't charge me for rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice either.

Borrowed Grandma's car and got all the errands run (including all the care products Kitty didn't have - with a $5 off coupon I'd found in the mail this morning!).

Kitty packed while I found paperwork etc. (Note to self: Never let Kitty pack for herself - even though you ask her 10 times if she remembered items like socks, underwear and shorts and she says yes? Somehow they'll mysteriously disappear out of her suitcase - I've got to take her a ton of stuff tomorrow, but she at least had enough to get through tomorrow.

A friend I trust, picked up Bear for a "playdate" with her older son, and offered to drop him off at football practice since she had to go anyway! When she came to pick him up, she caught us going out the door. She had her daughter with her. Her daughter was released not too long ago from the same treatment center. They were able to give Kitty some information about the apparently great therapist she would have and what she could and could not take.

Hubby got a call from his student saying she needed to move back her class to after 6pm because she couldn't get off work!

We got home at 5:30pm, just in time to meet Ponito's teachers who drove up at the same time we did.

Hubby had enough time to grab some food and meet his student. They finished in time for Hubby to pick up Bear from football practice.

Kitty's biggest concern about going was that she would have a roommate that she didn't get along with and might make a pass at her (had a couple of bi-sexual roommates while hospitalized this year.) which scared her. We met her roommate, who appeared to be sweet and "special." She had Tinkerbell sheets which is Kitty's favorite. Everyone was nice and accommodating. Kitty is still nervous, but seems to be feeling safer.

So it all worked out. God works in mysterious ways.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you how it all went, and how things are going at home tonight. You answered without the question!

Doesn't it give you a boost in confidence that everything is "meant to be" when it all falls into place like this? I'll keep the prayers coming...

Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, God and fate are good. (And a lot of people made decisions and plans they couldn't keep to, and lots of people were kind...)

When it all falls into place, as Denise said, it can be terrific.

It was good to read about the roommate who Kitty has.

RADOnline said...

Everything will work out in the end, as it always does. :-)

Since I am not a man of particular religion I will say this:

I am really pulling for you and you family. :-) RTC is a great thing and this event will change your daughter's life.