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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Third Anniversary party

I decided to make this a very low key event. I figured if we decided not to celebrate at all, then the kids would think we weren't happy about it. If we decided to go all out, then next year this would be even more of a traumatic anniversary.

So I made a three layer carrot cake (Bear's favorite), with plenty of cream cheese frosting (whole family pleaser), and sparkling grape juice (to Kitty it's not a celebration without this). After dinner (basic spaghetti), we all stood around the cake at the kitchen counter. I lit three candles (no Kitty, you can't play with matches), someone turned out the light and we were supposed to all blow them out on three. Two of the kids (I won't name names) thought it would be funny to blow them out on two.

We had our grape juice in champagne glasses (wedding presents), and toasted,

"To Family!"

That's it.

The carrot cake was beyond scrumptious! Yum! I don't think anyone noticed that it was fat-free and sugar free (except for the one can of store bought frosting that I whipped and added fat-free cream cheese to).

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Jeri said...

I'd love the recipe for it. Yeah, it's all about celebrating without really seeming to celebrate too much. Sounds like you hit it just right.