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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Got all the wedding stuff altered and sewn by Tuesday afternoon when I left (including altering a woman's coat and pants to fit Ponito because we couldn't find anything that fit - and was cheap in resale). Finished several machine embroideries of the ACT logo and some patches for the seminar. Also made several dozen cookies for the seminar as well.

I drove to the seminar with the ladies from My Sweet Chaos (and her lovely mother) and Rancho Chico it was a fantastic trip! We talked the whole time and it was so cool hanging out with other moms who get it.

Katharine Leslie is absolutely amazing and we all got to hang out with her in the evenings after the seminar too (so cool having access to all that information!). I even got to do yoga with her Thursday morning! (I've never done yoga before it was energizing). I'll do another post about what I learned.

It was a really wonderful seminar until the end. Up to the last 30 minutes of the seminar I thought, “hey we’re doing OK.” This is just a nice refresher course and we've got everything figured out... Then Katharine started talking to me about Bear and I realized he has not made any progress at all, and I really don’t like him! *sigh* I need to reread her book Coming To Grips with Attachment, and try to figure out how to accommodate this new information into my life.

Friday was all about getting caught up. I spent the morning visiting with my Dad and stepmom who had come into town for the wedding. Then I went to work and tried to get everything caught up there. 5pm time for the wedding rehearsal. That was... interesting.
The wedding party consists of:
  • the best man who was in a wheel chair because of a horrible motorcycle accident, and he wasn't able to be there for the rehearsal.
  • On the groom's side my nephew age 10 and the groom's daughter age 9 - who looked adorable in their tuxedos!
  • The groom's 5 yr old twins - the ring bearer in a tiny tux and the flower girl who broke down crying and didn't toss a single rose petal (but was adorable anyway)
  • On the bride's side, my 7 yr old niece and myself.
  • Bob was lookout, kid wrangler and general gopher. She loved every minute of it and looked beautiful.

As you can imagine nothing went smoothly, but no one cared and it was wonderful. My sister and her new husband are perfect for each other and were smiling so much I bet their faces hurt more than my feet (I will be having a bonfire for my horrible shoes ASAP).

Tomorrow morning we have to get everyone up early for breakfast with some of my favorite relatives who came into town for the wedding so I better get some sleep.

Pictures and description of the seminar coming soon.


GB's Mom said...

Looking forward to it! said...

Wow you have been busy, can't wait to hear about the seminar. DOn't forget to build a little down time for you in today, you have been so busy!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see wedding photos!