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Saturday, October 4, 2008

20 year high school reunion!

So I decided to just go to the casual "pre-party" rather than the fancy party on Saturday night. Saved $110 and got to see pretty much everyone I think.

Friday started pretty well. Because of Kitty's nasty cough I decided to take her to the doctor. Was just a nasty allergy attack, that could have led to bronchitis or something, but we caught it in time. Treat the symptoms and no antibiotics unless she gets worse. She's still pretty wiped, and it's a long drive to her school so I take her to Grandma's instead where my Aunt has just gotten into town. My cousin, her daughter has just had her first baby (Mom is 43 and NO ONE thought she would ever have a baby). My cousin and her family live in Germany so we only get to see pictures, but my Aunt brought plenty. My biggest regret? I am not blood related to my aunt - this woman is GORGEOUS! I hope when I am 70 years old I look half as good. Ok, I'm 38 years old and I do look half as good. *sigh*

Still it was wonderful to sit around and chat with adults and family. Since I'd taken the day off I decided to make an appointment with my doctor about getting off (OK, I admit it, I stopped taking it 3 days ago) my mood stabilizer. I have gained easily 40lbs and no end in sight. Doctor was a little nervous about going cold turkey, but I have 3 weeks to watch for symptoms (mania and trouble sleeping are my biggest issues). Of course, I am an extrovert and I'm getting to spend serious time talking to adults so I'm already a little manic!

So I'm in a great mood, Grandma has all the kids, and I go home to get ready for the party. I hadn't thought about the fact that I've gained so much weight. None of my "date clothes" fit!! After 45 minutes and some tears, I finally manage to squeeze into some control garments and an OK outfit. Makeup makes me feel a little better. Find some hot glue to fix my shoes, and we're out the door - only 1/2 an hour late.

I went to a school with a graduating class of about 600 people. I was only there my Junior and Senior year and I was NOT popular. Out of the about 150 people that showed up at the party (plus their spouses, a little overwhelming for introverted Hubby!)4 people were there that I was kind of friends with. Half the reason I went was to network, but most of the people were A) Drunk B) Only interested in talking to people they hung out with in High School or C) Both. I had some decent conversations with some spouses.

The first person I saw that I recognized was Darla. I'm not sure we were even friends, but I did remember her. When we were in high school she had used an eraser and literally erased her boyfriend's name onto her shin. Then it got infected and she had to walk around with her pant rolled up exposing her ex-boyfriend's name. WE did laugh about this.

Next person I knew was the first guy I ever kissed, Corey. He was still short and geeky, but now he was fat and balding too. He did think I looked great - like Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise (did I mention he was drunk too!) His name tag said "Ritchie's friend." Richie was my prom date! I asked if Richie was there. He warned me that Richie was almost blind, and then called him over. Richie never really looked at me, but he did remember me. We had gone to prom together, but he was so excited about the limo he and his friends rented that they wanted to leave and drive around downtown. I didn't want to go so he left me (not really a big deal -I had a ride home). Corey says Richie's always told the story as me dumping him.

I stood around in my 4 inch heels (I'm a little over 5'7"), thinking I didn't realized how short everyone was! It seemed like there were only 10 men in the whole room who were over 5'10"! Made finding Hubby (5'11 3/4") easy when I was ready to go! I only stayed about 1 1/2 hours. I had longer conversations with the spouses then anyone else. I was amazed at how many people had preschoolers! One woman I talked to had 9 month old twins and a 4 year old. Wow!

So I'm glad I went, but I'm equally glad it's over. I'm SOOO glad I didn't pay $110 for the experience!!

Today I went shopping for a little black dress. Didn't find one, but it's my new goal. Every woman should have one!


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