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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cr@ppy day! Whining and disgusting stuff - feel free to skip!

I thought I could ignore it and all would be fine, but apparently not. Apparently Bob's tummy bug was contagious or the drink I just discovered is full of citric acid is triggering an allergy attack for me (I'm super sensitive to citric acid).

I admit it, normally I have a cushy job. I sit around and play Spider Solitaire and read people's blogs for most of my day. My job is really a part-time job because I am not a designer or engineer. Especially now that we've hired a sales guy. If I didn't ride in with Hubby every day, I'd get there at 10am and leave at 4pm. So of course today, when I start out the day nauseous (I now realize I drank a glass of the Fitness Water that I didn't know was full of citric acid with breakfast - even brought it to work with me).

So I spent two hours at lunch hiding in the break room watching Tim Gunn (from the Runway Project) in his show about what not to wear. This is the first time I've seen it, so of course it's about a full-figured mom who wears capri pants and untucked t-shirts - pretty much what I wear most of the time. So now I'm looking at my used to be stylish wardrobe until I started taking a mood stabilized and gained 45lbs, and thinking I could be that woman!

After lunch I started feeling a little better, and went back to work - did I mention I actually had to work today. No Spider Solitaire and the only time I got on the internet was to enter proposals on Send the last e-mail and run out of the building - late for Hubby to get to class (he teaches scuba every night this week and weekend).

Ponito and Bear are at friend's houses. The girls are happily watching movies, so I throw something together with leftovers and grab a drink (yes, the stupid fitness water). During dinner I start feeling bad again and even have a few blood blisters in my mouth, but I'm distracted by both boys getting back late, and Kitty coming down with what appears to be bronchitis (coughing like a sick seal).

So I drag myself out, go get Ponito from across the street - where of course he's pigged out on junk food and doesn't want dinner. Then I hand out meds and collapse again. Movie ends 5 minutes after bedtime - chase everyone to bed - except Bob - who hasn't showered in two days, and Bear who's talking to his biograndpa on the phone. Feeling worse. Dope up Kitty with her inhaler (actually Ponito's, but he's never used it, and I left Kitty's in my car all Summer which probably isn't good for it), a decongestant and Delsym for the cough.

I don't want to keep her home tomorrow because I have a new client meeting at their location in the morning, my Aunt who I haven't seen in 2 years is coming in just for lunch with my Mom and I, Bear has therapy at 4pm and that night is my high school reunion - the casual meeting, not the "prom", but I don't want to go to the "prom" because I don't have the $110. Guess I'll have to send her to Mom's for the meeting and then take her to the doctor in the afternoon.

So now the disgusting part. You have been warned!

So the kids are all in bed, and my tummy hurts, and I feel awful so I go to the bathroom. When I try to flush it decides to clog and starts flowing over - yes diarrhea everywhere (no idea why it got stopped up!). The plunger is upstairs too. So I finally stop it and then get to start cleaning up. Hubby is in class and everyone is in bed. Takes me an hour and then I have to drench the bathroom in Lysol cleaner and clean up. So now I'm nauseous, dizzy, and VERY clean.

The cherry on top of my day? Kitty got up while I was stripping off my sopping pants and kneehis (luckily she didn't look downstairs), and went into the bathroom. While I'm looking for a plunger I discover, yup, she didn't flush. Luckily this toilet didn't overflow, because I've had enough cr@p for the night.

Going to bed now!


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Torina said...

I SOOOO feel for you. I don't know how you could clean all that up without puking all over it. I heave with the smell of fresh poo. At least it was your own though. For whatever reason, that makes it seem not so bad. Kind of like how your own farts don't smell so bad but everyone else's stink ;)