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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My three families by Kitty

This was a report written by Kitty at school. The teacher worked with her on it. I'm not totally sure how I feel about this being part of her school work (I'm sure it wasn't an assigned subject), but I'll talk to her teacher about it soon. Will also share it with her therapist of course. It says Part 1. I don't know if there are more parts to come.

Part 1: Biological Mom

I am different than most people. I have three families. My first family is my biological mom and sisters. My mom's name is Barb {name changed}. Boy is she something else. She is more then a person who gave me birth. She is a mother who loves all her kids. I know you must think she is horrible for giving me up like she did. But you are wrong. She did it because she wanted me to be happier and not angry at the world. It took me a long time to figure that out, two years to be exact. It also took me a long time to get over the fact I was not going to be living with her, but I am doing just fine (I hope). My biological mom was always out clubbing, so I did what I pleased, but I also had to watch my sisters all the time (it was so annoying). {Ages 6 and 3 when Kitty left home for good at age 9 by the way!} Don't get me wrong; I love my sisters, but I was only in elementary school.

Sometimes I wish I was still with them, as in Barb and the girls. When I think of it my life would have be miserable. I would not know that my grandma and grandpa love me no matter what mood I am in {referring to biological grandparents}. I will also not know that there are good people in this amazing world God has put us into. I would be moving from place to place. I would have to watch my family get hurt by all of Barb's boyfriends. I would be a couch potato, and that is not fun. But most of all I would not know the family I am living with now.

I still love my biological family and no one can change that, not even Barb. What I am trying to say is I love the life I have, even when I am angry at the ones that I love and accept in my heart as my new family. And isn't that the way life is? You always argue with the ones you love. I just realized I love my life, and even at the hardest times I have people who love me for me. Isn't that great?


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What a great foundation! AND, what a great way to be able to connect with your kids.