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Friday, July 24, 2009

Do you know Clay O'Connor?

There's a woman who has had a vey tough life and is trying to find her way. She is searching for someone from her past named Richard Clay O'Connor. She is on the line of having faith in God and I would love to be able to help God reach her. So if you have heard of this man, please contact her by clicking on his name and leaving her a comment. Or leave me one, and I'll pass it on. There's a time crunch here so please let her know what you know!

Richard Clay O’Connor, most often called Clay.
Long blonde hair (back then)
Dad owned a tattoo shop
Had a foster mother who was a cop for a hospital
Lived in Florida for a while (post foster care)
Lived in Oklahoma for a while (post foster care)
Worked at a KFC or Wendys (can’t remember which)

This woman made a deal with another blogger, an adoptive mom of 12 named Claudia. Claudia asked this woman, if she believed religion was a crutch, what would happen if they prayed, and then he was found... What would that mean? So they talked about it and the woman agreed to give it a chance. Claudia asked her what her deadline was… the woman told her, "I didn’t know you could give God time frames." Claudia laughed.

So Claudia and this woman made a deal. If they find Clay by Nov 2nd, the woman opens herself up to the possibilities that religion might be more than a crutch. She’ll research christianity a little harder than she has and give it a fair looking over. If they find him by September 1st, she’ll allow Claudia to talk to her about God. The last was if they find him by August 1st, then without question she will seriously start considering that God is not only real, but he cares about her personally because that gives hardly a week to move mountains… she agreed to those terms.

Then she told Claudia that like in Pretty Woman when they were bartering… she would have let Claudia talk to her about God anyway…

People say that if you pray, you should generally let God know what you want and why. Then, it’s up to God to determine if you need it, and when to give it to you.

"If you pray, please pray. Please pray that God steps in and takes control of this situation and leads me down a path that will not only find my friend, but be reunited with him as well. Please pray that God takes control of this situation and the outcome is something that I’m emotionally strong enough to bear if the worst has happened."

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