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Monday, September 7, 2009

C is for Cookie

Tonight's menu was brought to us by the letter C.
Bob picked the letter C so she got to pick what we ate for dinner.
We watched a Cop movie (this was a hard one because you have to get all 4 kids to agree on a movie. I personally wanted CinderElmo or Cars, but for some reason got outvoted. *grin*) They chose Undercover Blues (which was a stretch to call a Cop movie, but it is a really great movie so we let it slide).
We had Chips for an appetizer because we got a late start on dinner which took forever to bake. We were actually going to have cheese and crackers, but ate all the cheese yesterday!
Dinner was Citrus Chicken with Curly noodles.
Veggies was supposed to be Carrots, but we had leftover mixed veggies (which had Carrots in them!).
Drinks were Cold Cool-aid (yes, I know this really starts with a K, but it was cold) or Cold milk (Kitty is allergic to Kool-aid).
Dessert was Cookies and Cream or Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice Cream. We had bought Chocolate Chip Cookies, but decided the ice cream was enough.


Unknown said...

Really? Kitty is allergic to kool-aid? Is it the food dye? My 4 year old has food dye allergy, and very often people do not take me seriously! When he was little he would get hives. Now he mostly just BOUNCES OFF THE WALLS UNCONTROLLABLY IN FITS OF HYPERNESS. It's so not fun, and I just want to take him to his preschool-teacher's house and drop him off when she feeds him food-dyed food.

marythemom said...

Technically Kitty is not allergic to citric acid (which is in Kool-Aid; all citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tomatoes; limes...; most vitamins - except ironically prenatal vitamins!; most sodas...) she has a food intolerance. Actually I can't tolerate citric acid either (this is not the only freaky thing we have in common that no one else in the family has).

All acidic fruits and things with citric acid give us mouth ulcers and stomach aches.

I have friends with children with food allergies as you mentioned. We went through similar issues with well-meaning friends when our youngest had to be gluten free. People just don't get it!

Luckily Kitty is old enough to avoid things with citric acid or suffer the consequences - without blaming others for her choices.