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Friday, September 11, 2009

RAD child surrender

This was posted by a woman who lives near me. Unlike ours, theirs was an international adoption so they don't qualify for even the few services offered by Texas Medicaid (which does not include residential treatment anyway). Their child is violent and they cannot get the help he/they need. Their only option is to surrender him to the state and hope he gets some of the care he needs.
Their story reminds me that there, but for the Grace of God, go we. Please include Jeri and her son and family in your prayers.
[Two days ago] we will have to sign the papers I have long dreaded.....he is becoming the "property" of the state. It is the only way to have his needs met and It should not be criminal to be mentally ill. It should be criminal to be treated by the insurance companies and our health system the way my son has been.

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Jeri said...

Mary, thanks so much for posting the youtube video for me. It was great actually talking to you and now that school is going, I might be able to drive north and see ya. Thank you again,Jeri