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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to Bear's schools

Bear's schools had standardized testing yesterday which really messed up the schedules. The schools couldn't arrange a bus to take Bear from his special school to his regular school so they asked me to drive him. One "advantage" of my not having a job.

I don't know that I really expect anything to come of this, but I decided to send this letter to Bear's schools regarding several calls I received yesterday. Will be interesting to see if Bear gets any consequences from this. Do you think I should have mentioned he's failing two classes as well?

I just wanted to clarify that yesterday I dropped Bear off at school at exactly 2:45pm. At about 3:30pm I received a call from Mr. P {One of the behavior program staff at the regular high school} to confirm this time, as Bear hadn’t gone directly to class as he was told he needed to go. Apparently Bear was confronted by a teacher who thought she saw him during lunch hour, and Bear lied and told Mr. P that he wasn’t dropped off until 3:15pm to hide the fact that he was missing for ½ an hour.

Within a couple of minutes of my talking to Mr. P, I received a call from Bear. He was irate about having been confronted with skipping class, and was trying to deflect this by focusing on the inaccurate accusation of him being at the school at lunch time. I tried to both get him to accept responsibility and calm down. According to his point sheet I was successful on the latter, but I doubt I had any success with the former.

As I told Mr. P, I believe that Bear needs to be held accountable for his attendance and blatant lying to Mr. P. According to Home Access {Online access to kids' attendance and grades that's usually about 48 hours behind}, Bear has been tardy to a class every day for the last 3 school days (although it was my understanding that he actually missed an entire class yesterday - Home Access may not be reflecting that yet). Bear has always shown a need to take advantage of any perceived weakness in the rules and structure and escalate until it is finally noticed and stopped up so that he can feel safe again. How far do we want to let this escalate this time?

Mary TheMom

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