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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I finally met my little brother!

I finally got to meet my little brother!

Little Bro is a quiet 14 yr old boy. Seemed polite, shook my hand, and spent the entire day with his nieces and nephews (my kids and my sister's kids). He's cute and he fit right in to the family. He's got dark hair like Kitty, and is very active in outdoor sports so had a nice tan (so his skin looks like my niece and nephew who are part Hispanic). My kids are adamant that he's too young to call Uncle. I don't actually care, but it's fun to tell them they have to call him that (he just turned 14 and my kids are 12, 14 almost 15, 16, and almost 18).

My dad and his wife and of course Little Bro, will be staying a week with my sister, her husband and her 2 kids (her 3 step children will be with their mom this week so she has some extra beds) . My dad's nephew (who is one of my favorite people and reads my blog - Hi Cuz!) is bringing his wife to stay too. It's going to be a fun, family filled week.

My allergies chose this week to be a problem. I'm totally exhausted though and not looking forward to cleaning the house. It's in the 100s already so no one actually wants to move around much, except the kids who are already stir-crazy with boredom. I think my parents are crazy for visiting from Colorado in this heat! (Actually it's because Little Bro is out of school so the best time to travel now).

We all had lunch together, at a fast food BBQ place, and then went to my sister's house where my step-mom and my favorite cousin's wife suggested we go to IKE* and leave the kids with the men (my dad and my cousin).

The kids did pretty well, except for Kitty who had some issues because she had no one to play with (Ponito plays with my nephew who is 6 months younger than he is, Bear and Little Bro played together, and when my 8 yr old niece wasn't playing with her Nintend* DS, she hung out with Bob with whom she has always had a special connection), Kitty felt left out. Plus, she tried to relate to Little Bro the way she always does with peers - teasing and poking, her boundaries are a mess. The boys responded to her teasing the way boys do - by teasing back. Bob can handle it, and gives as good as she gets. Kitty can't handle it at all, and then gets upset because she feels excluded, picked on and jealous of Bob. *sigh*

Kitty wanted to go home as soon as I walked back into the house. I got her calmed down, and she did hang in there. GranDad and Cuz pretty much slept the whole time we were gone. *sigh* I pretty much knew that was going to happen. I know I'm overly protective, but I keep wanting to pretend they're normal kids. Overall, just some poor judgment (found all the boys play a rated M for Mature game - not acceptable).

Would love some prayers today as I have a CRCG meeting regarding Kitty which might help us clarify some options for her treatment... or might not. I'm afraid I'm not going to hold my breath.

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GB's Mom said...

Praying that you get some help!