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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Neuropsychologist questions

Letter to the kids' therapist, skills trainers, and case managers (and to forward on to the psychiatrist).

OK guys, I found a neuropsychologist who has actually worked at [the RTC the kids attended](and even worked on one or both of the kids neuropsychological assessments), who is willing to interpret the kids’ test results to the kids. She just recently started taking Medicaid so she’s not totally sure how this works and what we’re asking is a little unusual so we’ll need some help.

She suggested one hour per child. I’m thinking maybe someone else ought to sit in on this with us as well (therapists? skills trainers?), to help the children process this
information and reinforce it later, as they tend to shut down when hearing complex information, especially if they perceive it as being negative, boring or worse, criticism. At the least, I’d like some input into things we should discuss (ex. How will this affect their driving and career choices? Are there things they can do to improve things like memory or is this something that is permanent? How do the meds help (if they do)? …). I’d appreciate some input in what questions to ask or material we should request to be covered.

We’d still need to put it all in perspective as she’ll most likely be looking just at their neuropsych reports. If necessary, she offered to do some pro bono work to explain the results to {Kitty's therapist, S.} (who works in the same office facility). S. however does not work with Bear so this could be complicated.

The np-doc needs a referral or prescription from the kids’ psychiatrists (CBT code# 96118 test feedback?). This should be faxed to .... Especially for Bear we need this ASAP (every day we get a little closer to his birthday).


Ok friends. Any suggestions about what to ask?

Kids are diagnosed with

Kitty(16) Diagnoses: RAD (healing), C-PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, learning disorders, cerebral dysrhythmia, traits of borderline personality disorder, victim of abuse and neglect...

Bear(17) Diagnoses: RAD, C-PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, ADD, ODD?, cerebral dysrhythmia, traits of personality disorders, victim of abuse and neglect...

The 12 page reports are chock full of things like:

Verbal Comprehension= 85 16%

Perceptual Reasoning= 88 21%

Working Memory= 74 4%

Processing Speed= 85 16%

Full Scale IQ= 79 8%

And they do say a little about these numbers like:

These scores were commensurate with recent testing and showed that Bear is functioning significantly below grade level in these domains. He will need interventions in school to address his learning delays. His scores were commensurate with IQ expectations and therefore not suggestive of specific learning disorders in these domains.

But mostly toss around words like "low average" and "performed in the borderline range."

There are recommendations, but they are pretty generic:

"Helping Bear learn to take responsibility for his behavior and empathy training may also be helpful. He is at risk for future dangerous behavior towar self and others, due to his history of aggression, anger, suicidal behavior, abuse and impusle control problems. Frequent monitoring for suicidal and homicidal ideation, with intervention when indicated, will be important."

"Individual and family therapy will also need to address attachment and abandonment issues related to Bear's history of abuse. Bear is likely to benefit from receiving long term individual therapy, ideally with the same person, so he can work on trust and attachment issues."

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