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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beaten up Bear

Still waiting to hear from Bear's lawyer.  Bear has left him messages, first about the new lawsuit against the jail and also mentioning he wants to go to Job Corp, preferably in Texas.

That's right, Bear wants to come home... with his girlfriend who turns 18 in a few months and therefore gets out of foster care.  She's a typical Bear "Kleenex Girl" - she "gets him" because they have a "lot in common."  He wants to go to church every Sunday and Grandma's for lunch.

Bear is still getting beaten up.  Apparently he was jumped by three inmates and beaten up on camera this time.  He says his jaw and ribs hurt, he's got black eyes and "bumps" on his head.  He's very proud of how he's being like Hubby and not hitting back.  This time he says the jail administrator finally moved him to a new pod, with mostly trustees.  He says he's very bored though because most of his new fellow inmates have jobs, so he sits around doing puzzles and staring into space... and wanting to talk to me and his girlfriend on the phone.

Apparently his girlfriend has told him to only call every other day, so that's what he's doing with us too (I'd told him it's super expensive so I'd prefer he only call when he has something important to say, but he gets an idea in his head).  When he calls he only wants to talk to me.  Not sure why that is.  I only answer when Hubby is home because I keep my credit cards in my car outside so I can't pay the collect charges easily, but mostly I don't see a point in paying so much to talk to him just because he's bored.

His court date is September 6th.  He still hasn't talked to the lawyer.  He's still being told he'll get probation.


Miz Kizzle said...

The court date is Bear's arraignment? Who is telling him he'll get probation?

marythemom said...

Miz K - "Everyone." -Apparently including a "lieutenant" and the jail administrator. In other words, no one who actually KNOWS!