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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just a spoonful of Miralax...

Just a spoonful of Miralax...
makes the money go down....  wait what?!

The kids have weekly med boxes.  With all the different meds and supplements they take (well in Bear's case took) it's easier to fill the boxes once a week and then we know when we're running low on something before we actually run out and when they've forgotten to take their meds.

When I'm filling a med box and a med runs out, I put pennies to replace the missing med in the rest of the med box (and take the bottle to the pharmacy for a refill).  We started using pennies because we had a lot of them (Hubby keeps his change in a cup near where we filled med boxes), they fit in the boxes, you could fit more than one in each box, they don't look like meds (unlike beans)... and that's just how we do it.

Kitty takes her Miralax with juice in the morning (only way I can get her to take it).  She tosses her handful of meds in her mouth and uses the juice to wash down her meds in the morning.  This morning she noticed there was a penny in her morning meds.  Unfortunately there was a penny in yesterday's meds too.  Kitty is apparently worth a little more today than she was two days ago.

Make cents?


Anonymous said...

Name alert.

Lisa said...

hahahaha - she noticed yesterday but took them again today? Only our kids.....haha

marythemom said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Lisa - she didn't notice yesterday. She didn't notice until today. When she mentioned it, I remembered that there was a penny in the box the day before so she must have swallowed it without noticing. *sigh*