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Friday, August 31, 2012

Books and Methods Review - Methods - Neuroreorg


Replicates the normal developmental sequence that infants use to stimulate and grow brain connections.  Specializes in helping post-institutionalized children and those who have experienced trauma or abuse.  It is effective at any age, from infancy through adulthood without pharmaceuticals or medications; all of the work is movement-based.  It is not a quick, easy fix, but it can be a lasting solution. 

NR in a nutshell - a program of movement (crawling, belly crawling, movement of the body in certain patterns, vestibular work (spinning, bouncing, etc.) in order to "re-set" the brain. The theory is that children of trauma develop gaps in good brain development which lead to a whole host of issues. Claims to treat: 

reactive attachment disorder


post-traumatic stress disorder

fetal alcohol exposure

autism spectrum disorders

oppositional defiance disorder


learning disabilities


bipolar disorder


tourette’s syndrome

obssesive/compulsive disorder

autoimmune disorders

limbic rage

sensory processing disorder - Click on Articles/Research and read articles. The first one is How does NR address attachment issues. - Click on Resources and read articles. Click on Media and Press and watch the video about Sargent Goodchild. Developmental Movement Consultants is run by Bette Lamont, NR practitioner. She lives in Seattle but travels to Orlando every few months. 

Informative online support:

An excellent post from a fellow trauma mama explaining  Neuro Reorg and how it works with kids of trauma.

Position paper from the American Academy of Pediatrics (1991) 

This statement reviews patterning as a treatment for children with neurologic impairments. This treatment is based on an outmoded and oversimplified theory of brain development. Current information does not support the claims of proponents that this treatment is efficacious, and its use continues to be unwarranted.

Marythemom:  This is hours of crawling exercises a day, for years.  It requires semi-annual visits to the practitioner (although it can be done via skype, e-mail, phone calls).  There are only a few practitioners so the initial visit can mean a long drive, but the rest can be a long distance.  I’ve heard anecdotal reports of amazing things, although there is often an initial period of regression that can be really tough.  

I did not try this because it’s expensive (not covered by insurance, although the practitioners will work with you) and my attachment disordered kids were already teens by the time I heard of it, Most of all, I didn’t think I could get them to do it, and if I did force them to, I worried that that would damage our attachment work. 

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