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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bear update - Speedy trial?

Not much has changed.  Bear is still in jail, awaiting trial.  He says that the mental health assessment still hasn't been done, which takes about a month, so the October 4th court date will probably come and go with no results.  He's been told that if he does get in to Anna McBride based on the assessment (which now may not be a possibility because they're saying it was a "violent" crime after all), that usually takes a month or so to happen.  So he's looking at another couple of months minimum.

In the meantime, he's still depressed (big shock).  He has nothing to do all day but ruminate how he's messed up his life.  He already knows he's a horrible person (part of being RAD is knowing you're worthless and unlovable).  He's given up, but there's nothing he can do about it.

I tried to reassure him that

  • It's normal to be depressed considering where he is right now.
  • He's bipolar so his body chemistry is making him depressed, so his brain starts looking around for a "reason" and finds one which then gets blown out of proportion.  When he gets back on his meds a lot of this depression will go away.
  • Yes, I'm sure he should have listened to his friends,  and then he might have stayed out of trouble (it got a little irritating to hear him talk about how this friend and that had told him not to do _________, so I kept casually dropping hints that we'd said the same thing many times), BUT he knows he had to find this out for himself (explained what "hindsight is 20/20" meant), and beating himself up over it now is pointless.  Instead, he needs to learn from this. .  
  • Yes, he does need to come home and grow up a little more (like he learned from his last psych eval
  • Things will get better, he just needs to hang in there.

A little while back he'd given me access to his FaceBook account (I'm not totally sure why, I think he wanted me to see what his ex-gf had said to him on his page - he wanted me to know without telling me himself), but since she was no longer his friend and it happened so long ago, I couldn't see anything.  I did discover another reason why he's worried about returning to Texas.  He owes hundreds of dollars to various people (including ex-gf).  He's lied to pretty much everyone about why he went to Oklahoma.  He told one of the people he owed money to that he was just going for a visit because there was a death in the family.

His Oklahoma gf, who was standing by him while he was in jail, made several comments on his FB page about him stating he had no one there for him (because she personally knows how it feels to have friends and family abandon you when you're in jail!).  He's told US his bio family haven't called or visited, but we've definitely been there for him.  Even when they doubled the cost of his collect calls to $30 for 15 minutes.

The Oklahoma gf is now missing, and somehow they've accused Bear.  Luckily he's in JAIL and couldn't really have anything to do with it.  

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