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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IEP meeting

The IEP meeting was pretty much useless.  We got our information entered into the records, but mostly were told, you can talk to us about that outside of the IEP meeting (for all the academic concerns), because we didn't know in time this was being discussed.  High priority to get the New School Year Letter done for Kitty.

Some items we’d like to discuss at the ARD:

Auditory Processing Disorder test results
Recent diagnosis of Esophoria
Lots of nods, but since it doesn't show she has APD, this "didn't matter so much."  When they reviewed the accommodations at the end of the meeting, I did go back and insist that they review the original neuropsych recommendations (things like: getting her attention by using her name before saying something important, verbal one-item-at-a-time directions, quiet environment...

Failed the Language Arts TAKS.
Speech – Did she get credit for taking it?  {She'd been taking it at the end of the school year year before last, but had missed about 2/3 of the one semester course because she was unable to make it through a whole school day and eventually was switched to taking only core classes.  We were told she'd get credit for it anyway, but several of these classes were messed up despite these assurances}.
Transition Plan – what is being done to meet these goals?  Child development classes?  
No more double block math.  Is she in a review class now?  Is she going to be able to take Algebra II next year as she expects?  Yes for the math, but as to the rest and all other academic concerns, we were told  they didn't know these would be discussed so didn't have any information.  They'd look into it and we could talk about it later and reconvene at a later IEP meeting.  She does have to have her Annual IEP Meeting before mid December.  I'm sure they'll use the fact that the special school doesn't offer child development classes or vocation classes to start getting her back in to her regular public school.

Equine Therapy – will be missing every Monday morning until 11am.  Nods

Kitty requesting skill building in multi-tasking and prioritizing
"These can be incorporated into her other classes like Community."  I did talk to the interim Principal for the Special School without Kitty present and shared my concerns about things turning out like they did with Bear... Kitty having unachievable, unrealistic goals and blaming me for not being able to achieve these dreams.

Calming Techniques – practice, place to do them, someone to help her with them?  Got NO response on this one.

The Education for All Handicapped Children Act ( EAHCA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1975. This act required all public schools accepting federal funds to provide equal access to education and one free meal a day for children with physical and mental disabilities.  Found out before the meeting that this has been replaced by IDEA so no longer applies.

What to do about  meals?  Skipping, forgetting, means meds aren’t working well.  Talk to her case manager.
How to handle Kitty’s chronic somatic issues – headaches, stomach aches, tiredness…  Leave some Tylenol for her, we'll let her nap if she's tired.  No response to our comment that she's ALWAYS tired.
How are issues reported to parents?  "Hmmm...we're getting something set up for that."

Who is her case manager?  This was answered before the meeting.

Protocol for when she’s upset or overwhelmed.  She wants to know what to do.  No real response to this or some of our suggestions.

Issues with males  Duly noted and added to her accommodations - no one on one interactions with males for Kitty, especially if she's stressed or upset.

She is stressed and uncomfortable in cafeteria when general ed students are present  They are aware of this issue and trying to fix it.

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