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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bear's Trial - Prayer request

Bear is going to trial today.  He/ we could really use some prayers.

We still haven't heard from the attorney.  Bear is very depressed and giving up, and now his girlfriend has dumped him (she said someone told her he was cheating on her?).

He's being beaten up and is pretty battered.  He's afraid he'll be killed.  People who commit the type of crime that he did are NOT treated well in prison, and the charges have become common knowledge among the inmates (a fellow inmate was at his bail hearing and told everyone)..

He wants to go to a psych hospital if he's released and I'm encouraging him to advocate for that.  It's so hard to cope with hearing him this way.  Hubby and I spent most of our 15 minute collect call assuring Bear that he has people all over the country who love him and are praying for him, including bio family.  Just because people cannot take care of him, doesn't mean they don't love him.

He doesn't want to move back to Texas, probably because he is afraid that there are warrants out for his arrest for stealing.  He's talking about moving to Missouri because he doesn't have family there.  We tried to convince him that he really needs to live near someone who can help him get the services he needs.

So here's the letter I finally faxed to the attorney, since he won't return my calls:

Dear Mr. Public Attorney,
According to the court clerk, my son, Bear, is now your client.  I have tried to reach you by phone several times, but have been unable to reach you, so I have decided to fax you this information.
Bear is severely mentally ill (Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder), has a brain injury (cerebral dysrhythmia), and a borderline IQ (I’d be happy to provide psychological evaluations documenting this).  Against his psychiatrist’s recommendations, Bear stopped taking his medications about 6 months ago.  He also moved out of our, his adoptive parents’ home, and after bouncing from friend to friend, moved in with a member of his biological family in Oklahoma.
We have several concerns I feel need to be addressed:
  • ·         Bear needs a CURRENT psychological evaluation based on his CURRENT symptoms.  He was properly medicated during all past evaluations, and therefore they do not reflect his current mental state.  I question his mental competence to stand trial, which was borderline to begin with and is now a much bigger concern.
  • ·         Bear also needs to be evaluated so he can be put back on psychotropic medications (he is in agreement with this).  At the moment he sounds severely depressed (understandable of course), but I do have concerns that he will attempt suicide again or impulsively make life-altering decisions.  I understand he has been getting into some altercations already – he has definite anger management and impulse issues when not properly medicated.
  • ·         Court-mandated taking of his medications would be a very good idea.
  • ·         Bear is under the impression that he will be getting off with probation.  We do not feel safe taking Bear back into our home after his release from prison (especially if he is not on medication) and his biological family has expressed to us that they are unwilling/ unable to take him into their homes.  I’d like to recommend that Bear go to a psych hospital, mental institution, group home, half-way house, or at the very least Job Corp.  He has NOT been able to demonstrate that he is capable of living independently.  Having him move near us so that I can continue his case management and support is acceptable.
  • ·         Bear is eligible for SSI (Social Security Income) which includes Medicaid to pay for his psychiatric care and medications, but has been unable to start it while he is in jail.

Please contact me with any questions and for any needed documentation.  Attached is a list of medications Bear was taking before he stopped, a letter from his psychiatrist, a copy of the letter I sent to the jail administrator trying to get psychiatric care for Bear, and the Statutory Durable Power of Attorney that Bear signed which should allow you to discuss his case with me.

Mary Themom


Unknown said...

It has been my experience that a Public Defender meets his/her clients on the day of court. They should get your letter. If you can't be at. Court, I would fax the most recent psych veal as well. I'm praying that the attorney gives the information you provide to the judge, and that the judge will rule accordingly. Court is a lot of stress. I'll be thinking of you today, Friend!

Marty Walden said...

I know it hurts your heart so deeply. Our kids just have issues beyond what we can fix, beyond what even they can fix. I am so sorry this is where Bear finds himself but he couldn't have a better advocate than you. (((hugs)))

Miz Kizzle said...

Bear should ask to be placed in segregation, away from the general population, for his own safety. If he says he feels suicidal he HAS to be moved.

r. said...

Do you know if Bear's SSI will continue into adulthood? I know of another kid with FASD who had his SSI up for re-evaluation after he became an adult (although there might have been a year or two delay from the time he turned 18 I think, I don't remember). It's a LOT harder to get SSI for mental issues when you're an adult and a lot of times there are multiple appeals involved. If his SSI hasn't already come up for reevaluation, that might be something to look out for in the mail. I'm not sure how one proves one's case from jail though :-/

GB's Mom said...

Heartbreaking :(