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Monday, September 24, 2012

Texas Trauma Mama Retreat

Queendom by the Sea
Our view!
Wow!  This was an amazing retreat!  7 Trauma Mamas in a gorgeous house right on the beach!  Right across the street was the OCEAN!  And that wasn't even the best part!

The best part was just being with other amazing moms who really "get it."  Providing support and giving advice, just having someone listen without judging, child-free downtime, laughing, crying, eating, wading in the ocean, gathering shells to take home to our kids, staying up until after 3am, chillaxin', learning about ourselves, inside jokes...

I gained over 3lbs.  Mostly from the never ending chocolate!  TOTALLY WORTH IT!

My phone didn't work at all during the retreat (said Emergency Calls Only).  I assumed it was because we were too far from a cell tower (although everyone else's worked though not well), and while I did have internet access I could only receive, not send, e-mails (I Facebook messaged a neighbor to send a message to Hubby to let him know I was OK.  She did remember to do so... eventually.  :^)  ).

I don't have a Smart phone, GPS or Tom Tom or anything.  I made it to the retreat with a Google Map print out, so on the way back home, when I got a little lost in Houston it was fairly nerve wracking.  I finally stopped at a Boost Mobile store, hoping they could tell me where the nearest AT&T store was so I could get my phone fixed and also so they could tell me where the heck I was so I could get home!!!  The 2 relatively young people could not read a map!  The guy did fix my phone (he just turned it off and on again  *blush* ) and then he went to Google Maps and printed out new directions for me.

Now that my phone was fixed, I called one of the moms who wasn't able to make it to the retreat (she's a stay at home single mom), to let her know that even though the retreat ended a day earlier than I'd expected (*blush*), because I'd gotten lost in Houston and left the retreat late, I wasn't going to be able to meet with her in person like I'd considered doing.  She asked where I was, and let me know that because I'd gotten lost, I was now actually in her area!  (Godincidence!)  I met with her for about an hour and a half and then headed home to my sweet Hubby for date night!

All I can tell you is
      next time that there's a retreat (especially if it's organized again by Shon!)
             YOU GOTTA GO!!!

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