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Monday, October 19, 2009

Family photo

My guys just hate getting dressed up. They hate ties and jackets. Occasionally Bear likes dressing up and feels he must be perfectly matched. (When I made him change before church because I don't allow the kids to wear blue jeans - yes, Bear even denim shorts - he was very upset that his shoes had a blue stripe that no longer matched his outfit! He likes wearing his JROTC uniform. Did I mention I wonder about a possible diagnosis of OCD for him?

All my guys are from Nebraska and are always hot. They don't own sweaters and have only one or two long sleeve shirts. They wear hoodies at the most and don't own coats.

So I came at it from a different direction with the girls. I asked them what they liked about the evening gowns. They didn't really answer, but I asked if they'd be happy with just getting to wear a dress, and the answer was yes. So yesterday we looked at Salvation Army for dresses and skirts. I told them their outfit could be red, white or bluejean (or a combination). They didn't really find anything (although I did find a cute bluejean dress - Kitty liked it too, but it was too big for her). We've got plenty of time though.

See?! We really didn't used to have formal pictures with evening wear!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Bear's JROTC uniform... what if you let him wear it in the picture? So any of the other kids have uniforms? That could be a theme...

I love all your family photos.

marythemom said...

If we'd gone with formal gowns, I definitely would have let him wear his uniform.

Thanks for the compliments!