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Sunday, October 18, 2009

God Story - new employee

The company that Hubby and I own has been strongly effected by the recession. We know we need to do something to increase our eroding client base. Over the last year or so we've tried hiring salespeople, and while each one has brought something to the company, they've all left. We've talked about hiring another, and Hubby has started making sales calls himself.

When the company moved to its new location we happened to move two doors down from an employment agency. They sent us the resumes for some telemarketers, but that wasn't what we were looking for. One day they had a visitor who happened to be looking for a sales position and one of the guys there mentioned that we were looking.

The visitor casually stopped by, and we hit it off. He was "perfect" and we were very excited; however at the last minute he was offered a job with a company he'd worked for previously with great benefits and a $12K raise. We couldn't compete. We couldn't figure out God's plan for us in this respect, but tried to accept that He had His reasons.

The good news was the sales guy liked us so much that he offered to put an ad for a sales person for us in all of the networking marketing groups that he belonged to. We said of course.

We interviewed 5 of the applicants. I liked one. Hubby liked another. Hubby convinced me that his was the better choice, but when we offered him the position he had taken another position already. Hubby's arguments against the candidate I liked were valid so she wasn't the next obvious choice.

Hubby was discouraged and overwhelmed. He had agreed to a breakfast meeting with a former coworker who had just lost his job. Through a miscommunication the friend never showed up. Hubby called me and suggested I meet him at the local office supply store to look at some things we needed for an upcoming presentation.

Here's the God part! While Hubby was waiting in the lobby of the restaurant, a man came in to fill out an application. As the man was talking about his (incredibly overqualified) experience with the manager, Hubby was listening and as I walked in we both heard that his experience was in sales, but he needed a job. He'd applied everywhere and had been unemployed for 8 months.

I invited him to breakfast, and we learned he was incredibly qualified. We invited him in for an actual interview, and hit it off. Hubby and I didn't even have to discuss it, we offered him the job. He started almost immediately. His first full day is tomorrow. So of course I can't be there because I have jury duty.

Still, how crazy is that?! I think this goes beyond "the right place at the right time." God's plan is hard to wait for, but always amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Jury duty! Yea, sure, because you weren't busy enough already...

So how did the first day go for new sales guy?

Linda B said...

This is just awesome! I don't know if I've ever left you a comment before but just had to when I read this story. Is the new guy working out?