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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Packrats in the house

I don't know where Bob gets it from *insert ironic eye roll here*, but she is a major packrat.

I've been on Bob's case for not cleaning her room for weeks OK, years. About the time when I'd finally had had it up to here *insert mental pic of Mary holding hand way above head at about the height of the stacks of clothes recently removed from MARY'S closet*, Grandma took pity on Bob and bought her 2 brand new dressers.

At the time, Bob had stuffed entirely full of clothes -- one 5 drawer dresser, one filing cabinet (I know!), one end table size set of drawers, and 3 large laundry baskets full of clothes!! Not counting the clothes draped on chairs, the bed with easily 8 full size pillows and 2 body pillows, and hundreds of stuffed animals, all the papers she's ever gotten from school, CDs, her candy horde, tons of knick knacks, at least 10 little Origami paper boats (?!), several pairs of her honking big shoes, small blankets and scarves to keep her stuffed animals warm, and books everywhere...).

After helping put the dressers together (insert Cam A into slot B - "where the heck did that funny looking piece go?!"...), I sat with YDD and made her sort through her clothes before they were allowed to go in the new dressers. By the time we were done...

she only had enough clothes to fit in ONE dresser! *sigh*

Bob is a true packrat though - the other dresser will be full in less than a week. Now I need to get rid of the extra furniture before she fills it again. Did I mention she has 2 six foot bookshelves and one 3 foot one crammed FULL of books? She "needs" more shelves.

While I on the other hand, have only the basics. The only reason I have so many tubs of clothes is because I will lose all this weight again *I really need an ironic eye-rolling emoticon!*, and there's no need to purchase all new clothes. So in the long run I'm going to be saving a lot of money, right?! Right.

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