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Friday, November 4, 2011

and the school thinks she's fine.

Kitty went home again today (11am). I believe her anxiety about going to residential treatment is a contributing factor. We went to the Crisis Center today for assessment (and documentation).

Kitty said yesterday she thought about hanging herself, but didn't get a rope. Today she thought about doing some self harming with a lapel pin, but resisted. She'd eaten her lunch by 10am (yes, she'd had breakfast about an hour earlier). The crisis counselor sent her home with an admonition to keep an eye on her (which of course we already do).

We're still waiting to hear from Nebraska what the funding decision will be. They are meeting with someone today to assess her clinical to see if they agree she needs residential, and have asked us to document all the steps we've already tried (mentioned partial day hospitalization - which of course we can't try since Medicaid doesn't pay for it).

The Medicaid case manager did finally come up with a viable solution for getting documentation that TX Medicaid won't pay for residential treatment or partial day hospitalization. She suggested we get Kitty's psychiatrist to prescribe them, and then when Medicaid denies the request we will have our documentation! Brilliant right? Now all I have to do is get the psychiatrist to contact me. Of course she only works on Wednesdays and Thursdays (and I met with the case manager Thursday after 5pm). *sigh*

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