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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting a new business?

Thinking about going back to doing seamstress work again. What do y'all think? What would be the best market to get into?

a) try to break into the Anime/costume business?
I've been making elaborate costumes for a looonng time.

**Unicorn Centaur Princess


**Purple People Eater


b) design clothing for those live size jointed dolls? Don't have any pictures of this, although I've done period pieces for smaller dolls

c) bridal/ bridesmaid/ prom as an independent (not for a company)

d) custom clothing for people who don't fit standard sizes or want something that's hard to find

He's 6 foot 7 inches tall

Discreet, stylish nursing top

e) bridal alterations or regular alterations for a company

f) teach sewing to teens/ adults

g) custom bedding or curtains

h) Custom machine embroidery (can't figure out how to put pictures on here)

How should I market myself?
a) Etsy shop (not that I know anything about these)

b) website and try to do long distance sewing from measurements

c) only local clients

If I do this then I need to find a way to put a door on the old playroom and move Ponito's bedroom up there so I can have my old sewing room back. We had moved me out of it when we'd decided to split up the girls so they each had thier own room. At that time the kids actually played in the playroom.

We had put Bob in my sewing room because she was the only one I trusted next to the front door and away from everyone (all the other bedrooms are upstairs). A year or so ago, Ponito and Bob switched bedrooms, don't remember why, just remember all the furniture moving was tough. Ponito likes the idea of moving to the playroom because it's twice as big as his current room. He was a little disappointed when he found out the PS2 wouldn't be staying.

I need my old downstairs sewing room for several reasons.

  1. Having clients climb the stairs or going into the family parts of the house is never a good idea. My old sewing room was right by the front door.

  2. What I'm using now is small enough to be a small walk-in closet and I could never work on wedding dresses or other large pieces of fabric (like bedding or curtains) or have clients in there. It's too crowded to even be able to close the door.

  3. Has to have a door to keep out the cats. We have a long hair cat that LOVES fabric and hiding in my fabric stashes. If I leave fabric out for a moment unattended he's laying/ shedding on it. If I cover it with plastic to protect it, he's been known to pee on the plastic.

  4. I need to be in a central part of the house for when I'm needed. Especially when Kitty gets home.


Miz Kizzle said...

Do some research on each of those options. There is a historic costuming shop in my town that does very well because it advertises online, in mailers with coupons and at area battle re-enactments and renaissance fairs.
You can advertise your business with signs on your car or in your local paper. Advertising is an investment that pays off.
One thing I've noticed is that nobody knows how to sew anymore. I am often called upon to sew on buttons, fix hems, and mend seams for my less able colleagues, friends and my kids' friends. If you live near a college campus you could advertise your seamstress skills there.

curious_girl said...

I love the custom bedding and curtains idea. It is hard to find what you are looking for in a store.

Anonymous said...
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startingbusiness said...

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mrslilypond said...

this might be a bit late to weigh in...but the renaissance clothes and the cosplay type costumes could almost be combined into one business.

I don't know they all sound like great ideas. And yeah Miz Kizzle is right no one knows how to sew anymore...I sure don't.