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Thursday, April 5, 2012

No baby for my birthday

Quick note to catch y'all up.  Niece had court today.  Not sure about everything, but do know that parental rights were terminated on both teen parents.  The kids are being allowed to choose parents for the baby through a private adoption agency, BUT apparently the boy might be Native American (Oglala Sioux) so they have to contact the tribe and see if ICWA laws apply.

Since we're not Native American and it sounds like no matter what the baby will not remain with the biofamily (which was one of our main concerns), we're assuming there's less than a 1% chance the baby will come to us and we're OK with that.

Bob is disappointed.  Ponito doesn't care.  Haven't seen much of Hubby since he had a meeting until late tonight.

Got a call tonight from Bear who moved out 2 months ago. He wanted a place to spend the night. We still receive an adoption subsidy for him so I feel obligated to at least provide him with a bed for a few more months until he turns 19. He's off his meds, but seems fairly stable so far. Kitty is still in RTC so she can't be upset by this (or I'd say no, since he's not on his meds). I figured he was going to want to take a shower, but the only working shower is in my bedroom and he's not allowed in there.  Plus the other kids were cycling through.

I straightened up his room a little (I'd stopped working on it after finishing painting the walls, because the bathroom was a higher priority.  I hung some curtains and laid the clean sheets on the bed.  When he got here around 8:30pm, I fed him sandwiches (everyone else got homemade pizza, but there wasn't enough for guests).

He's shaved his head, and he knows that creeps me out (he looks like Voldemort). At least it gives me an excuse not to look at him.

It actually has been a lovely birthday.  Most of the day I spent watching TV and playing on Facebook with a few breaks to work on finishing the bathroom.  Eating the yummy homemade German Chocolate Cake that Ponito made for me! (I'll think about the fact that I now weigh 15lbs more than I even have in my life... tomorrow!).

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