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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Behavior ABCs and PLANs

A lovely woman named Anne has given me permision to share these behavior management ideas. I tweaked them a little, but look forward to trying them.

By all means use it, tweak it and share it. I did
LOL. Anne

ABC's and PLANs for behaviors.



what happened prior to the behaviors?

What was my trigger?

B= Behavior

what I did

what was I feeling?

what was I thinking?

how was I treating others?

C= Consequence

Something that happened because of my choice in behaviors

D= what can I Do to make it right? (Restitution)

what can I say and do to show that it won’t happen again?

what would help each person involved feel better? (ask them!)


(for areas that seem to give my children problems:)


For whatever activity you are going to do

1. what do you need to get ready for the activity?

2. what areas could give me trouble?

3. what rules need to be in place?


To Others

who do I need to listen too?

To Myself

how am I feeling?

what might be difficult for me to day?

Act: Appropriately

how do I need to act?

NO: No negative behaviors

what can I do to help myself?

what can I do with positive behaviors?

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Mom 4 Kids said...

This is the basis for what we have been doing for a year now and it has worked well. “Tracking” has been key for us too in recognizing triggers. Good luck and keep us posted!