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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas cards and letters

I've never sent out cards (except our first Christmas as husband and wife, and then only to a few, and only because I had their addresses from the wedding announcements). Actually I do still have the rest of that box of Christmas cards (and a bunch of thank you cards) that I can't throw away because they are still perfectly good. Instead we send out Family Christmas pictures via e-mail and anyone who wants to know what's going on with this family can read the blog! *grin*

Luckily for us, we have a cousin who is a wonderful professional photographer (Photography by JennyRhea) so to support her we started going to her annual Christmas photo taking event. There are now 6 members of the family, and we have to do multiple takes and for the last 2 years have had to resort to photoshopping in at least one child (last year Ponito only smiled in one stinkin' shot, and that was the one where one kid had their eyes shut and another was doing something goofy with his mouth).

We had to do something similar this year (Bob this time- I threatened last year's kid within an inch of his life so he had the exact same perfect smile in every photo this year). Obviously this family shot is not the one where we photoshopped Bob in, since she is obviously not smiling. *grr*

I did finally talk the girls out of wearing evening wear this year! They were OK with it as long as they got to wear dresses. So of course, I was the only one who ended up in a dress. *sigh* Our "theme" was supposed to be red, white or denim. As you can tell, everyone chose white shirts except me (who already had my dress picked out). *heavier sigh*

After helping my sister (who is built like Dolly Parton - *phbbt!*) try on wedding dresses, I'd already decided it was time to diet, but even  if I hadn't, this Christmas picture would have cinched it. I think I look like Delta Burke (the later years) - and what is up with all that cleavage?! Maybe I can get cousin Jenny to photoshop in someone else's bod for mine?

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Jeri said...

Are you crazy! Stupid question, I know we all are or we wouldn't be here....I was going to razz you about how you must have BEEN dieting since our trip to Ft.Worth! Girl, be kind to yourself. I love Kitty's smile and Bob, she just went for the sultry teenager look, it's all good. Okay, so Ponito smiled via threat but Bear looks a little happy too, what's his payoff? Great photo, Merry Christmas.