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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decked the halls

Well the tree is decorated. Wasn't quite the joyous family occasion I could have hoped for. We had a family meeting to discuss the fact that the kids haven't been doing their chores. Family meetings are BIG triggers around here, and because we don't have them often, they tend to drag on - triggering Kitty's ADHD.

Kitty is under a lot of stress - the holidays, me going back to work, she'd had a choir concert Thursday, Friday and Saturday... add in a little bit of implied criticism and some actual criticism, and she completely lost it. She began yelling at Hubby, who was not in the mood for it. He ended up carrying her up the stairs to her room like a sack of potatoes. Meanwhile the other kids quietly left the room and decorated the Christmas tree, which they'd been told was on the agenda for the day.

The good news is that I've been making a conscious effort to go to bed early and Hubby was able to set everything aside last night when Grandma had the kids for the night, so our relationship is on a much more even keel.

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Cookie said...

A family meeting sounds like a great way to get things done.