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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I hate s**w days

It's Central TX. It is not supposed to s**w!! I hate this stuff. *sigh* The kids loved it though.

Only Bear got out of school early. He FINALLY finished his community service for the next door neighbor (I let him have over a friend to help him). He spent the rest of the evening doing "school work" - I really think this is BS and an excuse to play on the internet, but didn't want to mess with it.

None of my kids or my niece and nephew have mittens and coats so they used socks instead. They built a couple of snow men using all the snow they could scrape up from the yard. Threw lots of snowballs. And had a blast.

Kitty brought in half the neighborhood girls to warm up. She tried to give them hot chocolate, but it was gone. They kept begging me to turn on the gas fireplace.

Bob nailed Ponito with a snowball (it apparently hurt him), but came in furious because the neighbor boy pelted her with snowballs and she'd never even thrown one at him. I explained she'd started it by throwing the first snow ball, but she went to pout in her room (and do homework).

Finally had to drag Ponito in by his frozen, numb fingers and make him change to warm dry clothes.

Hubby is teaching scuba all week so I'm "single parenting" - not my favorite thing. I don't drive in s**w so I worked from home all day. Might be why I didn't have a lot of patience for Kitty.

I really hope this stuff goes away soon. It's hard to pretend it's sand when it's right there on the ground and my car. Plus, I refuse to drive in it, and I need to go to work. The kids have 2 hour Late Starts tomorrow and Hubby has to go to work on time so I'll have to take them all to school.

I need a Snuggie!


GB's Mom said...

Snuggies are good, fireplaces are good, pajama days are good. Sorry you are soloing this week- ot fun ;-(

Anonymous said...

Goodness! What happened that makes you hate snow so much!

I loved our snow day (even if they didn't let the kids out of school). I opened all the curtains and looked out at the rare whiteness.

And we all had gloves. My hands get cold in normal Texas winters!

marythemom said...

I do have gloves (I'm the only one), but loaned them to one of the little boys.

I've never liked s**w. Not sure why. Hubby and the older kids being from Nebraska think the cold weather is great. They're nuts.