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Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Christmas Pics

This was a gift from Bear (necklace and earrings). He was the only kid to give me a gift at all, and it was a pretty good one. I never know what to expect from my kids.

Time for a diet! Never allowing anyone to take my picture from this angle again!

Bear's regular expression can be pretty intimidating. Add that to his deep voice, usual irritated tone, and tendency to isolate, and he can be quite hard to approach. (Kitty just didn't want her picture taken!)

A rare smile!

Bob watching movies with her sleeping boyfriend a few days after Christmas. He worked a double night shift at the fast food restaurant for the second day in a row, but wanted to spend time with her. He slept through 3 movies. It was a lovely, laid-back relaxing day. "Mooommmm! Quit taking my picture!" (I have about 15 shots like this!)

Mom is sneaky! Caught her when she wasn't looking (although Kitty saw me).
"This feels weird on my face and I like it!"

Silly string!

He asked for this orange H*llo Kitty doll! Weird child.

Texting his girlfriend. My baby is almost a teenager! Tweens - such a mix of contradictions.

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GB's Mom said...

Hope Kitty is settling in well!