This blog is my place to vent and share resources with other parents of children of trauma. I try to be open and honest about my feelings in order to help others know they are not alone. Therapeutic parenting of adopted teenagers with RAD and other severe mental illnesses and issues (plus "neurotypical" teens) , is not easy, and there are time when I say what I feel... at the moment. We're all human!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Economic woes

After meeting with the attachment therapist on Friday Hubby and I had some downtime. The littles were all at Grandma's (school holiday) and we had no major appointments for awhile. We'd spent a little time at work in the morning and sent most of the staff home (we hadn't given them Good Friday off, but they had very little work so we told them to go home when they were done). We still haven't been able to pay them for the first of the month, but we've been meeting with banks, brokers, and factoring agencies trying to get some funding to tide us over. We have 2 huge contracts coming up if we can just make it through the next month.

Wednesday we ended up temporarily laying off half the staff. We can't afford to pay them their back salaries and don't have enough work right now to keep paying their salaries. In less then a month we'll be busy again, but for now we're just digging ourselves in deeper.

It's been such a long year.

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