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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's been a long week

Monday was a school holiday so Kitty and all the children went to Grandma's house. Bear complained the whole time there was nothing to do there. Grandma has detected chewing tobacco on his breath repeatedly and he is VERY angry at her for confronting him on it. He denies it completely and called me just furious. I let him go for a walk to cool off. He ended up calling and telling me he was going to be longer then he had permission for. I let him know he needed to come home now. He still ended up being very late.

I seriously considered homeschooling Kitty for the last 6 weeks of school. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS we found an alternative. Kitty had a tiny bit of schoolwork from last week that she hadn't finished at the hospital because she didn't have the textbook she needed. She knows we are planning on enrolling her in the new school (partial day hospitalization) so of course she didn't want to do any schoolwork.

Today she sat and did a tiny bit of the work, but then hit a section she didn't understand and refused to go on. Grandma was a science teacher so I suggested Kitty work with her on the area she's having difficulty with, with me sitting right there. Kitty couldn't stop yelling at Grandma and refusing to work - very ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). I tried sending her out of the room to swing or listen to music or anything. I stayed calm and insisted that she could not speak to (yell at) Grandma that way, but she couldn't control herself. Finally Grandma left to pick up Bob from school.

Kitty ranted on and on about school and how much she hated it. She hates the classes and teachers. Not sure if it was the fact that the honeymoon is over or if this is sour grapes. Rejecting others because she feels rejected.

When Grandma and Bob came in, we ended up having Bob help Kitty with her school work (because they are in the same grade and this class is Kitty's only mainstream core class, the girls are covering the same subjects). I did tell Kitty if she even thought about giving Bob the same attitude she had with Grandma she would be in big trouble. They did beautifully. Bob is a pretty amazing kid.

Kitty was off task all day today. She started to watch several movies, but ended up leaving after about 10 minutes to play outside.

Time for bed. I forgot to take my meds this morning which I do often. This usually gives me a major headache by 5pm, and I go take my meds. This time it's not alleviating the headache.

Hugs and prayers y'all!

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