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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's better?

Thursday Kitty came home excited about the field trip her school went on (she calls the partial day hospitalization program school because she does do 4 hours of school a day there and it's easier than explaining it to anyone). She's made friends with the girl that cursed at her the first day and told her she smelled like a litter box the second. It seems that's all it takes for Kitty to like a place - to have friends. Now she doesn't seem to mind school so much.

Over the weekend she was pretty calm. Took naps both days and no bed wetting at night. I put in a call to the school psychiatrist about changing her meds because she really is sleeping a lot on days when she is out of school, while still sleeping through the night. In January we'd changed her Geodon (which makes her sleepy) from all at night to twice a day. It didn't seem to effect her at the time, but now I'm wondering if we just didn't notice it. The other option is that she is sleeping to avoid the family.

Apparently the school psychiatrist has been out all week, but will be back tomorrow. They plan to make some med changes then. Yea us! (this is sarcastic by the way!) It always seems like their first instinct is to reduce something and then gradually add something else (which means we're stuck having to deal with her when she's on less meds and throughout the change - which may not even work).

Bear has spent the last week "fixing" things. I think we're going to have to have a new rule.

No "fixing" things without an adult present.

Now NONE of the kids' or hubby's bikes work. Bear somehow managed to break the chain on Hubby's bike and put it back together twisted. He spent all day yesterday "fixing" the weed eater so that probably doesn't work either. *sigh* Until we removed all electronics from his room we were always finding tools in his bed (he thought of them as weapons so he could feel safe), and deconstructed electronics all over his room. Little piles of screws, casings off and somewhere else, bits and pieces scattered every where - nothing was EVER thrown away and nothing worked ever again. Most of it didn't belong to him either. I found an old stereo, my laptop, tons of batteries, CD players.... if your headphones are missing assume Bear stole them and that they are already broken. Also assume that you will never be able to prove that he took them.


Anonymous said...

You need to tell ALL your friends, neighbors, relatives, minor aquaintences, etc... about Bear. Rather than throw away that broken toy or hairdryer or small appliance they could pass them on to you to give to Bear. Obviously he has a need to tinker, give him the opportunities! Maybe someone could find a "Reader's Digest How to Fix Everything" book at a used bookstore and give that to him too. I say "...make lemonade," or at least "prevent lemon sours"?!?

Lorraine Fuller said...

We did once give M a broken vaccum cleaner and a screwdriver and let him take it apart, he loved it!