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Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kitty

My girl turned 14 on Monday. We didn't end up making a big deal out of it since she'd just gotten out of the hospital the day before. Monday night we had pizza for dinner (her fav). I'm sure the birthday, first anniversary of her adoption day, teacher changes at school, visiting Grandparents, hormones and who knows what else helped contribute to her most recent meltdown.

One of her gifts was a pair of Heelys. She loves them! I am learning how very uncoordinated she is though. Shopping the other day she landed Kersplatt on her backside many times. Luckily she hasn't broken anything. I ended up holding her up and dragging her along for most of the trip. Dang I'm old and out of shape!

I forget how incredibly coordinated Ponito is. He whips around on his Heelys and never had to learn how to use them. He just knew. He's being very sweet to Kitty trying to teach her how to use them.

He's probably going through a growth spurt himself though because he actually had an accident on his Heelys last night. Said he ended up doing a flip over his hands. He scraped his left palm and all the knuckles on the back of his right hand. The worst part was a slice off the side of his ring finger. His hands (OK his whole body) was filthy so we had trouble getting him cleaned up enough to treat his injuries.

Bear goes through medical tape faster then you can say greased lightening so of course we had none. I ended up covering Ponito's hands with a web of bandaids, which of course weren't going to stay on. We don't have any of those elastic bandages either (Bear again!) so I ended up using one of my old wrist braces to hold it all on. I'm sure the school was thinking WTF?! I did send him with a note explaining that it was just cuts and scrapes and not a wrist injury. In my spare time I need to buy some tape and elastic bandages and hide them.
My life is weird.

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